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Looking for More Business leads?

Building your pipeline for today, tomorrow, next week, next month

If YOU had more time, how would your business benefit?

TIME: One of the most precious commodities in business, release some of your time today and grow your business.

Would you like your business to Stand out from all the noise on the internet?

Small or large, we deliver a carefully planned scalable approach to deliver your goals. Tell your story, build your credibility, be found, and be seen. Building your sales pipeline.

ROI: Return on Investment

How important is a return on investment- You don’t need to answer this, we know it’s important, we have comprehensive analytical reports to show you where business is coming from, the return for the money you spend, and we can tell what works and what doesn’t. With a monthly report, we are completely transparent

KRS DIGITAL- Web Site Design

  • Are you a small business owner struggling to juggle running a full fledge website along with your business?

  • Are you operating under tight budget constraints and hiring a professional website designer seems like an appealing yet farfetched notion?

KRS Digital looks at all possible solutions for a business, from monthly management solutions to a single one-off design. It’s imperative you get the right product for where your business is today with a view to where your business is going. 

Whether you are new to the vast world of digital advertising, you don’t have the time or want to add extra value to your business that can only be accomplished by an expert, KRS Digital will make certain that your website not only looks good but is inclusive, accessible, and intuitive as well as attracting prospective buyers.

Our complete website design service is built for small businesses like yours. We will design, build and update your website for you, handle the hosting and domain registration, and look after the website for you for as long as you desire. It doesn’t end here, we will help you keep the website updated with latest content and deliver monthly newsletters brimming with tricks of the trade to help your audience grow as well as amazing bolt-on packages to constantly grow your company brand and awareness.

In short, we will make your active, fast-paced and professional online presence our job so you can focus on yours.


  • Website Design

A professional and customized Web site designed especially for you with four comprehensive pages. The Home Page /Services page comprising of 5 Sections- Gallery, Video, Services, Contact Details, Social Media, About us.

  • Easy Updating and User Friendly

Our user friendly interface and content management system allows you to easily sign in and add/ edit content yourself if you want to and CA – Call to Action Buttons – Telling Visitors what they need to do next and how.

  • Website Security

With an SSL certificate to encrypt traffic, regular updates to ensure that your website is always running the latest software, and regular security scans to ensure that your website is safe, your website is in safe hands.

  • Website Hosting

Hosted on fast paced servers with regular backup, updates and SEO, your website will be up and running in no time.

  • Social Media Marketing

With Social Media posts promoting your website and services, our marketing strategies are sure to boost your Organic Search Results as well as ranking on Google.

  • Email

Our customised corporate email accounts will help you achieve impactful results efficiently and economically.

Web design

Web Design Choice is an important part of your business

KRS Digital looks at working with companies to be successful on the internet.
Our websites are made to interact, we work together each month looking at the website, analytics, and more.

webdesign sheffield

Web design

Looking at and planning your website layout ensuring it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

automated webdesign Sheffield


You may have heard the term its all about connecting your website to an automated process, to keep you in touch with potential new clients.

web design security sheffield


Your website needs to be secure for lots of reasons. but with HTTPS it’s not only secure but also benefits search engine optimisation.

web design consultancy sheffield


We take your time when planning your site and your goals.
Looking at your industry and what people are expecting from your site.


Creating a call to action is important and starting the process of connecting you to clients

web hosting sheffield

Web Hosting

High -performance web hosting providing optimal performance for your website. 

Domain Names

Getting the perfect domain for your business is what you need to do. 
It’s not always easy to think of the perfect domain, but we will help.  

ecommerce web build sheffield


E-commerce is the activity of electronically buying or selling of products on online services or over the Internet

Web Design

Good-looking functional websites – using Call to actions helping your audience choose what to do next.

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Web Design

Web Site Design built for your customers and engagement – A website is more than a domain and a web page. It’s your shop window to the world.

New Builds
Functionality Addition
Brochure Web Site Design

Eye Catching design

Great Videos / Images with functionality, something to make your audience stop and look at more pages, building credibility and increasing the chance of interaction.

Web site design for the Trade

People working in the trade industry are busy people with the best getting booked up for months in advance. We are ideal for your company to fill your diary, not just through the website design, but managing your site and your online presence freeing your time up to do what you do best, with complete peace of mind. 

Organisation websites with clear goals

Steel City RA is a great group that looks to help with referee development  
KRS Digital were happy to help and look forward to helping more organisations with a limited budget. 

Excel Education

An alternative Provision in the education sector, it’s all about the look and feel, a clear message with lots of call to action points.

Excel Education Target audience are busy people, quick to find a call to action are absolutely paramount.

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