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Looking for More Business leads?

Building your pipeline for today, tomorrow, next week, next month

If YOU had more time, how would your business benefit?

TIME: One of the most precious commodities in business, release some of your time today and grow your business.

Would you like your business to Stand out from all the noise on the internet?

Small or large, we deliver a carefully planned scalable approach to deliver your goals. Tell your story, build your credibility, be found, and be seen. Building your sales pipeline.

ROI: Return on Investment

How important is a return on investment- You don’t need to answer this, we know it’s important, we have comprehensive analytical reports to show you where business is coming from, the return for the money you spend, and we can tell what works and what doesn’t. With a monthly report, we are completely transparent

Content Creation Hub, full of different designs, Videos, Gifs, Still Images

What’s your plan? Strategy is key for an online product or service, fill your diary a month in advance of key areas to increase engagement online.

Where is your product / service best served online, which platform it may not be where you expect.

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Video Creation – Services & Products

KRS DIGITAL- Video Content Creation

Are you tired of spending thousands of hours and big bucks trying to create your own social content only to fail miserably?

Are you unaware of different marketing or sales strategies that can help you take full advantage of your social media presence?

Do you long to increase company website traffic, build brand awareness and promote your business but lack basic skills to do so?

We at KRS Digital aim at creating high-quality content that will not only set you apart from your competitors, but we will also work on strategies to improve your following, generate funnel sales and leads to your website and ultimately monetize your growing community. Our team of professional videographers and content creators will provide consistent, hassle-free, and cost-effective content that will help build your brand and trust in your brand. Our videos are surely the best way to communicate a message, share a story or build a connection with potential buyers ultimately growing your audience and business. So focus on what you do best and leave the rest for us to perfect!

  • Best Quality Video Content

Using professional cameras, sound and lighting, we produce high-quality videos ensuring that only the best reaches your customers.

  • Editing for multiple uses

We plan and edit video content so that it can be used in multiple platforms and networks, like a full version for your website and broken down into snippets for social media and Facebook ads.  

  • Build your audience

Our high-quality video content is proven to build your following, customer base and future customers by building the awareness of your product.

  • Various sized videos to suit your needs

We can produce different versions to suit your requirements, varying from 30 /45 / 60 / 90 seconds videos as well as an extended version depending on your requirements.

  • Tweak it till we get it

We provide two edits till our clients are completely satisfied with their content.

Content Creation – Vital for businesses on social media

When you think content creation what do you think about: Videos, Images, Gifs and Blogs.

How do you create all these for all platforms and ensure they are seen and followed up. Is all your content  creation evergreen or similar to the xmas ad above, it has an expiry date.

This is all apart of your strategy and moving forward, good content creation has the noticeability you want. However if you combine a full strategy and marketing strategy the results are outstanding.

To discuss and book your marketing strategy meeting and content creation please click on the Time to Talk button.

Social Media Videos

Consistent Branding

Branded Content Creation
Branded Content Creation
Branded Content Creation

Blog Writing

How to Write a blog
Tips and template on how to write your own blog.
  • Tip 1 : Pick a GREAT Blog Name
  • Tip 2: Have a clear plan – Whats your message?
  • Tip 3: Passion – when writing Share your passion
  • Tip 4: Choose a consistent look and feel. (pick a template)
  • Tip 5: Start writing and remember done is better than perfect
  • Tip 6: Publish and Share you blog

If you are writing your blog for business, you need to look at the tips above, but follow these aswell:


  • Tip 7 : Plan a story – you will be writing more than 1 blog so make it a series.
  • Tip 8: Know your keywords, you want Search engines to pick up your keywords for your websites
  • Tip 9: Keep the look and feel consistent with your business
  • Tip 10: Post on all your social media platforms & respond to all comments


Does - when employing someone to write your blogs


  • See an example of work
  • Know your targeted keywords for SEO
  • Speak and discuss ideas
  • Plan when each blog will be posted
  • Ensure the blog will be plagiarism free
  • Be able to review and ask for edits

KRS DIGITAL-Blog Writing

Do you dream of driving more traffic to your website, positioning your brand as the best in the market, but don’t know how?

Are you finding it difficult to take the time out of your busy schedule to find what to blog about and sit down to write EVERY month?

Are you at your wit’s end since hiring full-time content writers to promote your website is expensive whereas freelancers are unreliable?

Whether you are new to the vast world of digital advertising, you don’t have the time or want to add extra value to your business that can only be accomplished by an expert, KRS Digital will make certain that your website not only looks good but is inclusive, accessible, and intuitive as well as attracting prospective buyers. Our team of professional blog writers are hired to analyze your competition, evaluate your business, conduct extensive keyword research before writing engrossing and captivating blog posts so that you can enjoy a hands-off, hassle-free content marketing approach. Our blogging strategy is driven by creativity, affordability, experience, research, and results will maximize user engagement and help your website rank higher on search engine results. This premium package features 4 x 1000 word blogs that can be delivered over 4 or 8 weeks.

  • Extensive research

Our team of experts will create content after thorough and extensive research, targeting and incorporating relevant keywords with maximum traffic potential.

  • Topic Creation

We will search for captivating topics relevant and beneficial for your business like clockwork every month.

  • SEO Optimization

Ensuring the natural flow of relevant keywords, our content is SEO optimized using proper heading structure and bullet points.

  • Dedicated Writers

Our team of professional content writers will ensure that your blogs are consistent in quality, tone, and voice every month.

  • Proofreading

Our team of editors will ensure that each blog is plagiarism-free, grammatical and spelling error-free.

  • Customisable Package

Now you can choose between 4 x individual subject blogs, or 2 connecting blogs, the choice is entirely yours. Feel free to give us a call and we will chat through the best options



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