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Why is a Blog Important for Business?

Marketing is a fundamental cornerstone of any business. The internet has given rise to various new marketing channels that can be make-or-break for any business.

One of the most consistent is blogging. You might be wondering whether your business really needs a blog. The answer is yes. Here’s why a blog is important for any business or industry along with the advantages blogging brings.

  1. Blogging boosts online visibility 

Perhaps the most important aspect of blogging is the boost it offers to your business’s search engine optimisation (SEO). Not only do regular blog posts provide search engines with fresh, consistent content, but they’re also a great way to add keywords to your website.

Hitting a wide range of keywords gives you more chances to appear in searches, which helps to expand your reach.

  1. Build relationships with new and existing customers

Blogging is a great way to put personality into your business. It also helps you to engage with customers, both existing and new ones. If you regularly provide authoritative content in your business’s niche, customers will have a stronger sense of trust towards you.

What’s more, an active comments section allows you to interact with customers and for customers to interact with each other.


    1. Position your business as an industry leader 

    Of course, your blog needs to remain relevant to your business’s niche or industry. But as long as you provide original, information-rich content, you can easily establish yourself as an industry leader.

    If customers (both new and old) stumble across a blog post of yours that answers a question or explains a topic, they’ll see you as an authoritative source of information.

    1. Helps you sell your products or services 

    Blog posts typically end with a call to action in which you tell clients to check out your products or contact you to arrange your services. If you use the post to lay out your solution to a problem or discuss how your product will help, this call to action will be much more successful.

    Calls to action and blog posts are a more creative way of nudging customers towards your business.

    1. Offers more opportunities for sharing

    Social media shouldn’t be overlooked as a prime marketing channel. But for some businesses it can be difficult to make the most of social platforms. Blog posts are sharable content that can perform really well on social media, and this allows businesses to make the most of a channel they might typically overlook.

    People sharing your blog posts on social media is an excellent form of free marketing.

    The Advantages of Blogging for Businesses

    The advantages of blogging might already seem fairly obvious to you as a business.

    But to make things really clear, here’s a comprehensive list of how blogging can benefit your business regardless of your industry or niche.

    • Improve your reach on search engines (SEO).
    • Easy free marketing if your posts are highly sharable.
    • Allows you to demonstrate the extent of your industry knowledge.
    • Excellent way to connect with customers – both new and returning.
    • Helps you to become an authority figure in your industry.
    • Comments section is great for community building and knowledge-sharing.
    • Offers a new and interesting way to drive customers towards buying.


    As you can see, a blog is important for businesses because it’s a great way of connecting with your audience. Websites can often feel disconnected from the people behind them, whereas blogs feel much more personal.

    If you think your business would benefit from a blog (which it would), contact me to see how I can help.

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